Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is fast replacing traditional marketing. It is about creating, distributing content or brand message via digital platforms like email, website, mobile, and social media networking sites to create awareness about products and services.

With the rise in business going digital, it became significant for the individuals to take the knowledge about it. At Synergy, the diploma course in digital marketing will help you explore the world of digital through our well designed curriculum.

Course Objectives

Whether you’re a complete beginner, marketing professional, or business owner looking to upskill, the digital marketing course is perfect for you. The diploma in digital marketing can provide you with the concept of digital marketing components email marketing, mobile marketing, PPC marketing, and SEO encompassing creative, analytical, and technical domains.

Upon completion of the course, students can independently take up digital marketing assignments such as running a Pay-per-click or social media campaigns or perform as digital marketers in the real work environment.

Gaining this digital marketing certification will assure you the most essential skills and knowledge required to excel as a digital professional.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing


  • Courseware
  • Activity-based training
  • Participatory approach to classes
  • Right mix of theory and practical knowledge
  • Training by qualified-experienced professionals
  • Sophisticated classrooms
  • Modern presentation tools

Who can enrol?

Anyone can apply for the diploma in digital marketing. A related background in this discipline is not required.

All fresher, graduates, marketing professionals, brand managers, business owners, housewives, and entrepreneurs are eligible to take up this course.

Congratulations on Clearing PMP

  • Ms. S.Mangala
  • Mr. P Pooran Kumar
  • Mrs. Lekshmi Sreedhar
  • Mr. Began B
  • Mr. Fawaz Khan
  • Mr. RamKumar. S
  • Mr. Vivek Pramod
  • Ms. Rajkamal
  • Mr. Vasanth K
  • Mr. B G PAL Prabhakar
  • Ms. Sridevi
  • Mr. Sasikumar
  • Mr. Rajesh
  • Ms. K Sangeetha
  • Mr. Pagalavan M
  • Mr. R.Venkitasubramanian
  • Mr. Dawood
  • Mr. Ram Kumar
  • Mr. Maheswaren
  • Mr. Manjunath
  • Mr. Glen Francis Joseph
  • Mr. Arvind Kumar Agrwal
  • Mr. Vishwanath G J
  • Mr. S Venkata Subramanian
  • Mr. Sathish Kumar S
  • Mr. Chandrasekar
  • Mr. J.Saravanan
  • Mr. Deepak Singala
  • Mr. Radha D Pratik
  • Mr. Arun M
  • Mr. Ram
  • Mr. Sai Sangeet Chandran
  • Mr. Shrirang Sarjoshi
  • Mr. Tharicus Lawerence
  • Mr. Keshav Ram R
  • Mr. Nitheesh T N
  • Ms. Ashmita Ghose
  • Ms. Ishwarya Ravindran
  • Mr. Pasupati Satyanarayana Varma
  • Mr. Began B
  • Mr. Sankar
  • Ms. Pankhuri Jain
  • Mr. Pooran Kumar
  • Mr. Suraj Gupta
  • Mr. Vinoth
  • Mr. Saurabh
  • Mr. Sushil
  • Ms. Ruchika



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